200AH 12v Ecco Solar Gel Battery


These 200AH Ecco gel batteries are specifically designed for Solar power applications & are totally maintenance free with superior deep cycle life when compared to lead acid batteries.
They are spill proof/leak proof which enables them to be installed upright or side ways with minimal corrosion thus physically compatible with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Designed to operate for up to 10 years at up to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Up to 1000 cycles at 30% DOD
  • Sealed and maintenance free
  • Temperature resistant


Application Voltage regulation
Floating Use 13.6-13.8V
Cycle Use 14.4-14.9V

Battery Dimensions : 56.5 x 13.5 x 36.5cm

Voltage: 12v
Amperage: 200AH
Package includes:
1 x 200AH 12v Ecco Solar Gel Battery

Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 56 x 13 x 36 cm


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