50W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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Maximum Power/Pmax(W) 50W
Maximum Power Tolerance (%) 0~5
Open-Circuit Voltage/Voc(V) 22.08V
Short-Circuit Current/Isc(A) 3.26A
Max Power Voltage/Vmp(V) 18.40V
Max Power Current/Imp(A) 2.72V
Normal Operating Cell Temp -45°C ~ +80°C
Dimensions(mm) 675 x 540 x 25mm
Max System Voltage (V) 1000V
Max Over Current Protection Rating 15A
Frame Material Aluminium
Cell Technology Polycrystalline Silicon
Module Application Class A

Power Specifications at STC: 1000W/m², AM1.5, 25°C.


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